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Cases and Testimonials


She got pregnant after 7 egg retrievals and 12 transfers.

【Ms. N Aged 42 IVF 12 treatments】

Please excuse me not writing so long. How are you doing? I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on a day of March. He is a pretty big boy weighing 3,514 grams. I had been in labor a long time, so my Western clinic doctor administered an ecbolic to me. Moreover, my abdominal pressure wasn’t enough due to my age, I guess. However, I safely delivered my baby through vacuum extraction.


I found your clinic when I had almost given up having my baby due to my age. At first I only half believed, but you and your wife’s encouragement gave me the hope for having a baby. My dream of having a sibling to my daughter came true.
I am most grateful.


Here is an e-mail from Ms. A in July, 2013.
Before she visited our clinic, she had experienced egg retrievals several times, but she failed to transfer. Even she started to take our treatment, she was dubious about it, saying, “I am 42 years old and I am advanced in maternal age.” However, we are providing acupuncture treatments, believing every woman can get pregnant while she has eggs. I hear the beginning sister, who is in the middle of her rebellious phase, is taking care of her newborn brother, on behalf of her mother. She must learn the value of life. Congratulations. Our very best wishes to you!


A woman of her forties, whose AMH was low, got pregnant.

【Ms. S Aged 41 IVF 5 treatments】

Please excuse me for not writing so long. I safely gave birth to a baby boy on a day of December last year.


I really appreciate what you did for me at that time. If I had not undergone your acupuncture treatment, I would not have been able to hold my own child in my arm to the end of my life.


After completing the treatment at your clinic, my baby grew well without any troubles. At the time of delivering, I did not have a labor pain though the baby was already overdue and I was administrated ecbolic as well. So the doctor decided to undertake Cesarean delivery but during the preparation for it, I was diagnosed with fetal distress and due to it, the baby was born via emergency Cesarean section.


Though I had a bit trouble during intrapartum period, he gave his healthy first cry and he had a very good prognosis. He was a big baby weighing 3,305 grams and was more than 50 centimeters tall, as you and your wife had said.


My ovary was not capable to grow ovum, and it failed to have ovum for two consecutive cycles. I was always told that my advanced maternal age and the low level of AMH were two problems to get pregnant. When I was about to give up my pregnancy, I called your clinic as my last act. You said, “There aren’t any problems with your age and the level of AMH. I think that you can conceive through micro fertilization.” You were right! After the first cycle from the treatment, an ovum was retrieved without any trouble. The fertilized egg is the son, who is sleeping beside me right now.


You and your wife provided mental support for me as well. I really appreciate that. Please excuse me for my late writing to you about my gratitude and the birth of my son. I’ll never forget benefit from you all my life. I wish you and your wife all the best for your good health. Please stand by the couples, who want to have their children at heart.


The content of therapy for this client at Acupuncture Clinic for Women Shiryo:

We received a letter with a pretty baby’s photo from Ms. S, who was introduced in the Outcome of therapy in April 2012 as Ms. A, one year after her childbirth. The time just flies by once child-raising gets started. We were delighted to know that Ms. S, who conceived through just five times acupuncture treatments, had been thinking about us like this. Moreover, since she got pregnant soon, we never would have imagined that she had been terribly concerned about the figure of AMH.


Many people worry about the low level of AMH like Ms. S. However, it is unrelated to the quality of ovum. The level shows how many ova you still have not how old your ova are. Everyone is supposed to have an age-appropriate ovary function. However, it is the fact that we often see clients, whose function of ovary become weak a little. Our work is to rejuvenate such clients’ ovaries, which is the effect of our acupuncture treatment.


In the case of Ms. S, she had a good complexion and good nutrition, we received the impression that her gynecological age was younger than her real age. As we had imagined she got pregnant soon. Her ovary was healthy enough to get pregnant through just a few acupuncture stimuli. What you can do for your ovary is eating balanced meals for three times, getting a good quality of sleep, and trying to have a good blood flow life. An accumulation of everyday life is important.


I had been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), left tubal obstruction, and endometriosis, so I gave up my natural pregnancy.

【Ms. K Aged 32 in vitro fertilization (IVF) 51 treatments / Natural pregnancy 4 treatments】

My natural pregnancy was quite unexpected.

After having your acupuncture treatment last week, I felt sick and I was wondering what happened.The unpleasant feeling continued and I couldn’t eat at all.

I thought I might have got pregnant, so I conducted a urine test and it came up positive! I hurriedly went to my Western clinic and could already hear the fatal heartbeat. I had such trouble conceiving my first child, so I couldn’t imagine I had got pregnant naturally!

Who can say what will happen in life? I will be careful until my pregnancy enters a stable period.
I will get back to you later.


Since she had been diagnosed with PCOS and one tubal obstruction, she has experienced 9 egg collection, 11 transfers, and 2 miscarriages from her twenties. Taking a move as an opportunity, she decided to do whatever she can to get pregnant and visited our clinic. Though she was likely to develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), she continued to undergo IVF, so her ovary looked pretty exhausted. But experiencing miscarriage told us that she could get pregnant.


Three months later, her eggs collected. Two early embryos were transferred and it came up negative. Four months later, 40 ova were retrieved and an early embryo was transferred. Since OHSS worsen, she was told to relax at home. We questioned the induced approach by her Western fertility clinic and she changed the clinic. (We suggested changing another clinic to her.) The thickness of her endometrium was enough, though the quality of it was unstable.
After taking the pills for two months, 20 ova were retrieved and three of them became frozen blastocysts. Two months later, one frozen blastocyst was transferred and it came up positive.


She delivered a baby girl safely.
She visited our clinic six months after delivering her first baby as she wanted to have the girl’s sibling. After taking the pills for five months, one frozen blastocyst was transferred and it came up negative. She decided to stop taking the pills to rest until the next transfer and two months later, she conceived naturally. As it was an unbelievable happening to the couple and they thought that they could not continue the pregnancy. But she was succeeded in delivering a baby boy safely.


Since the level of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) was low, I was told that the chance of natural pregnancy was 1 %.

【Ms. A Aged 35 Natural pregnancy 13 treatments】

I went to my Western fertility clinic to see the doctor today.

The doctor there was a bit surprised that my urine pregnancy result was positive and said,
“Oh, great!” and again he said, “Congratulations!” twice.


I will see the doctor next week again.

I hope that I will report a good result. I think that I’m hasty, but I’ve already made an appointment of my maternity hospital.

I was reminded that my data showed the pregnancy rate of IVF was 30-40 %, that of AI was not greater than 5 %, and that of natural pregnancy was 1 %. A nurse there said, “It’s like you hit a lottery.”


I want more and more people to know that a person like me, whose AMH was low, can get pregnant.

The effect of your acupuncture is great.


The content of therapy for this client at Acupuncture Clinic for Women Shiryo:

She came to our clinic to find out other means as the level of AMH is low and the condition of the sperm is often out of shape. Moreover, since one of her fallopian tubes is blocked, she was told to step up IVF soon by her Western fertility clinic doctor. After her first egg retrieval, an early blastocyst was transferred. She was shocked at the level of AMH, which showed her ovarian age was 45 years old. (She had 3 blastocysts in her Western clinic.)


She visited us before the result of the blastocyst transfer came out. Right after that, she received the negative result. We told that her hormonal level and the result of the egg collection were good and her ovarian function had no problem as well. However, considering the content of menstruation, we suggested a possible problem is the quality of endometrium.


In her next cycle, one of her blastocysts, which she had in her Western clinic, were transferred and again the result was negative. During that time we kept stimulating her ovary, and we evaluated that her ovary recovered smoothly by the contents of her period.


Before her next transfer, we thought about the chance of natural pregnancy and asked her to undergo a falloposcopic tuboplasty (FT). Right after that, she conceived through timing method. She still leaves her two frozen blastocysts in her Western clinic.


First time childbearing in the sixteen years of marriage Aged 45 Natural pregnancy and natural birth (Breech position and ecbolic)

【Ms. A Aged 45 Natural pregnancy 58 treatments】

I hope that you are doing well in these days of cold winter. I really appreciate what you did last year.


I gave birth on the evening of 28th right on schedule. I was thinking that a baby must smell like milk and must be fluffy, but our baby was strongly built, and he was like a mini old man. He was totally different from what I imagined. If I had not taken your acupuncture treatment on 27th, I would not have been able to give birth on 28th. I am very impressed with the power of your acupuncture. Your acupuncture has given me a child, treated breech baby, and put me into labor.


Right now I am extremely exhausted from lack of sleep due to the child crying in the night and breast-feeding. If I were ten years younger, my child-raising might be much easier. I don’t really want to rely on the acupuncture, but if there is anything, please help me. As soon as I get around, I will pay a visit. Best wishes for your continued success.


After her marriage, her period stopped due to stress. She continued taking drugs to stimulate ovulation and trying timing methods and AI.
From the age of 42, she started taking Chinese herbs and acupuncture treatment. At the acupuncture clinic, she was shocked to hear the clinic staff saying “She can’t get pregnant due to her advanced maternal age,” and visited our clinic.
Her basal body temperature got higher gradually and her high temperature period was unstable. Her menstrual flow was not heavy. Her period usually finished in three days. Both ovary and uterus didn’t have energy enough, but we thought she was capable to get pregnant.


In three months her ovary improved, but considering the content of menstruation and discharge, her uterus had not improved than our anticipation. Her endometrial thickness was enough though the quality of endometrium was not enough. But at that time, we were concerned about her mental condition more than her uterus condition.


Since she continued fertility treatment for a long time, she felt high anxiety to her health condition, so she was not confident that she could get pregnant. When age 45 was just around the corner, she said, “I will undergo IVF once. If it is not successful, I will give up having a baby,” and she was preparing for IVF. She just got pregnant.


Two years after her initial visit, she got pregnant. She was told that her baby was in breech position at the 38th weeks of gestation, but it was improved through one acupuncture treatment.
Since she said she wanted to give birth before the end of the year, we provided acupuncture treatment to help her put into labor.

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