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Cases and Testimonials


I had been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), left tubal obstruction, and endometriosis, so I gave up my natural pregnancy.

【Ms. K Aged 32 in vitro fertilization (IVF) 51 treatments / Natural pregnancy 4 treatments】

My natural pregnancy was quite unexpected.

After having your acupuncture treatment last week, I felt sick and I was wondering what happened.The unpleasant feeling continued and I couldn’t eat at all.

I thought I might have got pregnant, so I conducted a urine test and it came up positive! I hurriedly went to my Western clinic and could already hear the fatal heartbeat. I had such trouble conceiving my first child, so I couldn’t imagine I had got pregnant naturally!

Who can say what will happen in life? I will be careful until my pregnancy enters a stable period.
I will get back to you later.


Since she had been diagnosed with PCOS and one tubal obstruction, she has experienced 9 egg collection, 11 transfers, and 2 miscarriages from her twenties. Taking a move as an opportunity, she decided to do whatever she can to get pregnant and visited our clinic. Though she was likely to develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), she continued to undergo IVF, so her ovary looked pretty exhausted. But experiencing miscarriage told us that she could get pregnant.


Three months later, her eggs collected. Two early embryos were transferred and it came up negative. Four months later, 40 ova were retrieved and an early embryo was transferred. Since OHSS worsen, she was told to relax at home. We questioned the induced approach by her Western fertility clinic and she changed the clinic. (We suggested changing another clinic to her.) The thickness of her endometrium was enough, though the quality of it was unstable.
After taking the pills for two months, 20 ova were retrieved and three of them became frozen blastocysts. Two months later, one frozen blastocyst was transferred and it came up positive.


She delivered a baby girl safely.
She visited our clinic six months after delivering her first baby as she wanted to have the girl’s sibling. After taking the pills for five months, one frozen blastocyst was transferred and it came up negative. She decided to stop taking the pills to rest until the next transfer and two months later, she conceived naturally. As it was an unbelievable happening to the couple and they thought that they could not continue the pregnancy. But she was succeeded in delivering a baby boy safely.

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