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Cases and Testimonials


She got pregnant after 7 egg retrievals and 12 transfers.

【Ms. N Aged 42 IVF 12 treatments】

Please excuse me not writing so long. How are you doing? I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on a day of March. He is a pretty big boy weighing 3,514 grams. I had been in labor a long time, so my Western clinic doctor administered an ecbolic to me. Moreover, my abdominal pressure wasn’t enough due to my age, I guess. However, I safely delivered my baby through vacuum extraction.


I found your clinic when I had almost given up having my baby due to my age. At first I only half believed, but you and your wife’s encouragement gave me the hope for having a baby. My dream of having a sibling to my daughter came true.
I am most grateful.


Here is an e-mail from Ms. A in July, 2013.
Before she visited our clinic, she had experienced egg retrievals several times, but she failed to transfer. Even she started to take our treatment, she was dubious about it, saying, “I am 42 years old and I am advanced in maternal age.” However, we are providing acupuncture treatments, believing every woman can get pregnant while she has eggs. I hear the beginning sister, who is in the middle of her rebellious phase, is taking care of her newborn brother, on behalf of her mother. She must learn the value of life. Congratulations. Our very best wishes to you!

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