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Cases and Testimonials


Since the level of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) was low, I was told that the chance of natural pregnancy was 1 %.

【Ms. A Aged 35 Natural pregnancy 13 treatments】

I went to my Western fertility clinic to see the doctor today.

The doctor there was a bit surprised that my urine pregnancy result was positive and said,
“Oh, great!” and again he said, “Congratulations!” twice.


I will see the doctor next week again.

I hope that I will report a good result. I think that I’m hasty, but I’ve already made an appointment of my maternity hospital.

I was reminded that my data showed the pregnancy rate of IVF was 30-40 %, that of AI was not greater than 5 %, and that of natural pregnancy was 1 %. A nurse there said, “It’s like you hit a lottery.”


I want more and more people to know that a person like me, whose AMH was low, can get pregnant.

The effect of your acupuncture is great.


The content of therapy for this client at Acupuncture Clinic for Women Shiryo:

She came to our clinic to find out other means as the level of AMH is low and the condition of the sperm is often out of shape. Moreover, since one of her fallopian tubes is blocked, she was told to step up IVF soon by her Western fertility clinic doctor. After her first egg retrieval, an early blastocyst was transferred. She was shocked at the level of AMH, which showed her ovarian age was 45 years old. (She had 3 blastocysts in her Western clinic.)


She visited us before the result of the blastocyst transfer came out. Right after that, she received the negative result. We told that her hormonal level and the result of the egg collection were good and her ovarian function had no problem as well. However, considering the content of menstruation, we suggested a possible problem is the quality of endometrium.


In her next cycle, one of her blastocysts, which she had in her Western clinic, were transferred and again the result was negative. During that time we kept stimulating her ovary, and we evaluated that her ovary recovered smoothly by the contents of her period.


Before her next transfer, we thought about the chance of natural pregnancy and asked her to undergo a falloposcopic tuboplasty (FT). Right after that, she conceived through timing method. She still leaves her two frozen blastocysts in her Western clinic.

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