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If you keep your basal body temperature graph, please bring it to us. Please download and complete our interview sheet from the below and bring it to us.

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Please call us to make your next appointment.

Are you worried that you might not be able to get pregnant?

Acupuncture Clinic for Women Shiryo is the clinic specializing in fertility treatment, which is rare in Japan. With extensive number of cases and clinical tests, we are always offering highly-professional treatments.

The traditional Chinese-style acupuncture is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) as the traditional medicine. You will see the difference in your menstruation and basal body temperature after the treatment. This is not only for women who are trying to conceive naturally but also for women who have been undergoing AI and/or IVF but not successful.


In China, there are both Western medicine doctors and traditional Chinese medicine doctors. Just like Western medicines, traditional Chinese medicine has all kinds of diagnosis and treatment departments such as ophthalmology, orthopedics, internal medicine, pediatrics and gynecology. It is common that clients can get treatments with a combination of Western and Chinese medicine.


By referring clinical cases and research of the traditional Chinese medicine, which has much more clinical cases than that of Japanese acupuncture, our clinic focuses on making the best efforts to increase our clients' pregnancy rate. We are also affiliated with Japan Society for Reproductive Medicine, and have tried to figure out therapeutic approaches in the Western fertility treatment by taking references to clinical data observed by fertility specialists all over Japan. So please feel free to ask any concerns and questions, which you may not have asked your Western medicine doctors.


We would be very grateful if you could understand our clinic's beliefs and try to improve your health positively. It is our great pleasure to support our clients. We provide the very best treatments and supports for our clients so that as many clients as possible could have healthy babies. We use only disposable needles and our female staff is working full time so that our clients can receive treatment comfortably and pleasantly.