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Q1.I am really worried about “ovum aging,” which I watched on TV.

A1.Recently media pick up the topic of “ovum aging” repeatedly. It’s reported that the pregnancy rate and fertility rate decline dramatically with advancing age. We would imagine that many people would be devastated by this fact. Some of our clients said, “I was tearing,” “I couldn’t watch the report until the end,” and “People around me advised me to give up having a baby.”

It is true that the age has a certain level of correlation with the pregnancy rate, and the pregnancy rate usually declines with advancing age. “Ovum aging” is placed at the top of the list of the cause.

However, after experiencing many years of clinical practice, we strongly feel that ovum does not age but the rate of ovum being matured gets lower as aging.

For example, 100%-matured eggs are ovulated in her 20’s, but immature, 80%-matured ova, are ovulated in her 40’s. In other words, the function of ovary becomes weak with advancing age and it is not capable enough to grow ovum to 100% matured level. That causes the deterioration of ovum quality, the difficulty of fertilization and the low growth of fertilized ovum.

Therefore, we believe that the quality of ovum can improve by restoring ovary function and increase the maturity of ovum through enhancing the body condition.

In fact, our clients in their forties get pregnant normally, and their fertility rate is 90 %.

In the first place, women ovulate to get pregnant at any age. We believe that the age is not the problem of being pregnant but the condition of ovary and womb, or the quality of ovum and endometrium are.

So, if you have natural ovulation, please don’t give up having a baby and hang in there!

Q2.I am 35 years old. I was shocked that anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) showed my ovarian age was 45 years old. Do you think I can have a baby?

A2.No problem. In our clinic, there was a client whose AMH was 2.5, which means the chance of natural pregnancy was 1%. She got pregnant naturally. AMH measures the capability left in the ovary. When the AMH level is low, it indicates that a menopause would occur earlier than the average. So, please improve your health and see a Western fertility specialist to get pregnant soon. It makes no sense to worry about the menopause in some distant future.

Q3.Though I wasn’t diagnosed with recurrent miscarriage, I have had frequent miscarriages. I am worrying if I should give up my pregnancy.

A3.We deeply feel sympathy for our clients who have experienced miscarriage. We understand that miscarriage is really a devastated experience.

First, concerning the recurrent miscarriage test, we advise you to visit a clinic specializing in recurrent miscarriage. There is a clinic, which conducts the test, in Shin-Yokohama around here, so please find the place and visit it.

After taking the test, if the test result was negative, we suggest that a possible problem is your endometrium.

We believe improving endometrial thickness and quality of endometrium will increase the implantation rate and decrease the miscarriage rate. This is our work. One of our clients, who experienced miscarriages four times, had already given birth and is taking care of her child energetically.

4.I experienced blastocyst transfer many times, but the implantation failed. Was it because of my advanced maternal age and deteriorated egg?

A4.Since your ovum develops blastocyst, we consider that your ovum quality has no problem. We suggest a possible problem is the quality of your endometrium.

Just like question no.2, you can get pregnant by restoring healthy uterus. Please visit our clinic while you have your blastocyst in your Western clinic. For additional information, please see Cases and Testimonials from our clients.

Q5.I am in my 40’s. I have thought about my age and underwent IVF many times, but I didn’t get any successful result. In my first IVF cycle, the ovum developed the blastcyst, but now the ovum isn’t even fertilized. Can acupuncture treatment enhance my ovary?

A5.Of course, we can. Your ovary is exhausted from repeated egg retrievals. We will improve your ovary by stimulating it.

It takes many months for an ovum to grow. We would be able to get matured eggs if we can succeed in restoring the healthy ovum through increasing blood flow to the ovary. Normally it takes at least three cycles to restore the ovary with normal capability, though depending on the damage in the ovary. What you can do during that time is eating balanced meals and getting a good quality of sleep.

In the past, a woman, who experienced ovarian insufficiency posed by ten more times egg retrievals, recovered the function of the ovary, got pregnant, and gave a birth.

Q6.I have been diagnosed with luteal phase defect (LPD). Can acupuncture improve LPD?

A6.Your symptom will improve by enhancing your luteal function. By developing the follicles fully and releasing the eggs, your luteal function will work properly. Though the period varies in clients, we guess that you will feel changes in the basal body temperature in about three cycles.

Q7.I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and my ovary is hard to ovulate. Is PCOS curable with taking acupuncture treatment?

A7.The recovery rate for PCOS by taking acupuncture treatment is about 50 %. However, the goal of our clients is getting pregnant. We believe that regular ovulation is important to achieve the goal. First, you need to see a Western fertility specialist.

We believe that taking drugs to stimulate ovulation will be a short avenue to get pregnant. Usually, Clomiphen formulation is frequently prescribed, though it develops a side effect of endometrial thinness. The risk will be reduced by working with acupuncture, and in the event, the dosage is apt to be reduced.

Q8.Though Estradiol was prescribed at the time of implantation, my endometrium was hard to grow thick.

A8.Since your ovary didn’t have any energy, your endometrium didn’t grow thick. If your ovary recovers well, your endometrium will grow thick not only in the period of using Estradiol but also even in the natural period.

Usually, it takes one or two weeks to recover. It is thought that your endometrial grows thicker if you have heavier period compared to the past. You will be able to feel this change.

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