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Cases and Testimonials


A woman of her forties, whose AMH was low, got pregnant.

【Ms. S Aged 41 IVF 5 treatments】

Please excuse me for not writing so long. I safely gave birth to a baby boy on a day of December last year.


I really appreciate what you did for me at that time. If I had not undergone your acupuncture treatment, I would not have been able to hold my own child in my arm to the end of my life.


After completing the treatment at your clinic, my baby grew well without any troubles. At the time of delivering, I did not have a labor pain though the baby was already overdue and I was administrated ecbolic as well. So the doctor decided to undertake Cesarean delivery but during the preparation for it, I was diagnosed with fetal distress and due to it, the baby was born via emergency Cesarean section.


Though I had a bit trouble during intrapartum period, he gave his healthy first cry and he had a very good prognosis. He was a big baby weighing 3,305 grams and was more than 50 centimeters tall, as you and your wife had said.


My ovary was not capable to grow ovum, and it failed to have ovum for two consecutive cycles. I was always told that my advanced maternal age and the low level of AMH were two problems to get pregnant. When I was about to give up my pregnancy, I called your clinic as my last act. You said, “There aren’t any problems with your age and the level of AMH. I think that you can conceive through micro fertilization.” You were right! After the first cycle from the treatment, an ovum was retrieved without any trouble. The fertilized egg is the son, who is sleeping beside me right now.


You and your wife provided mental support for me as well. I really appreciate that. Please excuse me for my late writing to you about my gratitude and the birth of my son. I’ll never forget benefit from you all my life. I wish you and your wife all the best for your good health. Please stand by the couples, who want to have their children at heart.


The content of therapy for this client at Acupuncture Clinic for Women Shiryo:

We received a letter with a pretty baby’s photo from Ms. S, who was introduced in the Outcome of therapy in April 2012 as Ms. A, one year after her childbirth. The time just flies by once child-raising gets started. We were delighted to know that Ms. S, who conceived through just five times acupuncture treatments, had been thinking about us like this. Moreover, since she got pregnant soon, we never would have imagined that she had been terribly concerned about the figure of AMH.


Many people worry about the low level of AMH like Ms. S. However, it is unrelated to the quality of ovum. The level shows how many ova you still have not how old your ova are. Everyone is supposed to have an age-appropriate ovary function. However, it is the fact that we often see clients, whose function of ovary become weak a little. Our work is to rejuvenate such clients’ ovaries, which is the effect of our acupuncture treatment.


In the case of Ms. S, she had a good complexion and good nutrition, we received the impression that her gynecological age was younger than her real age. As we had imagined she got pregnant soon. Her ovary was healthy enough to get pregnant through just a few acupuncture stimuli. What you can do for your ovary is eating balanced meals for three times, getting a good quality of sleep, and trying to have a good blood flow life. An accumulation of everyday life is important.

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