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First time childbearing in the sixteen years of marriage Aged 45 Natural pregnancy and natural birth (Breech position and ecbolic)

【Ms. A Aged 45 Natural pregnancy 58 treatments】

I hope that you are doing well in these days of cold winter. I really appreciate what you did last year.


I gave birth on the evening of 28th right on schedule. I was thinking that a baby must smell like milk and must be fluffy, but our baby was strongly built, and he was like a mini old man. He was totally different from what I imagined. If I had not taken your acupuncture treatment on 27th, I would not have been able to give birth on 28th. I am very impressed with the power of your acupuncture. Your acupuncture has given me a child, treated breech baby, and put me into labor.


Right now I am extremely exhausted from lack of sleep due to the child crying in the night and breast-feeding. If I were ten years younger, my child-raising might be much easier. I don’t really want to rely on the acupuncture, but if there is anything, please help me. As soon as I get around, I will pay a visit. Best wishes for your continued success.


After her marriage, her period stopped due to stress. She continued taking drugs to stimulate ovulation and trying timing methods and AI.
From the age of 42, she started taking Chinese herbs and acupuncture treatment. At the acupuncture clinic, she was shocked to hear the clinic staff saying “She can’t get pregnant due to her advanced maternal age,” and visited our clinic.
Her basal body temperature got higher gradually and her high temperature period was unstable. Her menstrual flow was not heavy. Her period usually finished in three days. Both ovary and uterus didn’t have energy enough, but we thought she was capable to get pregnant.


In three months her ovary improved, but considering the content of menstruation and discharge, her uterus had not improved than our anticipation. Her endometrial thickness was enough though the quality of endometrium was not enough. But at that time, we were concerned about her mental condition more than her uterus condition.


Since she continued fertility treatment for a long time, she felt high anxiety to her health condition, so she was not confident that she could get pregnant. When age 45 was just around the corner, she said, “I will undergo IVF once. If it is not successful, I will give up having a baby,” and she was preparing for IVF. She just got pregnant.


Two years after her initial visit, she got pregnant. She was told that her baby was in breech position at the 38th weeks of gestation, but it was improved through one acupuncture treatment.
Since she said she wanted to give birth before the end of the year, we provided acupuncture treatment to help her put into labor.

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